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Roosevelt - 10 February 15:19

Reve caresse dans son doux lits, Je suis ici tres solitaire quand tu n’es pas avec moi!

Tunby - 27 October 09:25

Je suis Sabrina une femme de 29ans Joffre Coucou toi!

Adria - 6 May 12:13

Do you have any source to back that up? Searching around it seems you made it up

Ivelisse - 14 February 12:04

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Lolita - 24 May 22:10

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Tashia - 21 April 13:56

I flirt nearly constantly and I don't *want to flirt. I'm not interested in people. It's just how I've learned to talk to people. Eyecontact? Yeah, fucking of course eyecontact. I'm fucking talking to someone! Double entaundres? YOU CANNOT SAY ANYTHING ANYMORE WITHOUT IT BEING A DOUBLE ENTAUNDRE OH MY GOD. You can't even say the letter d anymore without people making it about a dick. It's a neucense. I feel like I can't talk with people because they turn it into something I don't want. Talking a lot, finding interests? YES BECAUSE YOU'RE MY CONVERSATION PARTNER!

Matuska - 4 March 07:16

nasty and hot